Congratulations to all winners and purchases

Odense City Museums are happy to announce that the winners are:


  • 57/01987
    Rodion Kitaev, copyright
    Consultants and advisors: Artem Staborovsky, Nikolay Martynov, Maxim Spivakov, Leonid Slonimsky & Artem Kitaev.
  • 201/04281
    Leith Kerr, copyright
  • 351/30078
    Transborder Studio. Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland, copyright.
    Participant: Fredrikke Frølich


  • 158/27124
    Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe, copyright.
    Team: Aron Fidjeland & Axel Wolgers


  • 2/73251
    Soriano & Asociados arquitectos, copyright
  • 19/50056
    Peter Sand, copyright
  • 153/26438
    bFarchitecture. Bobby Fogel, copyright.
    Team: Mohamed Bouzrara & Olfa Kammoun
  • 159/17496
    Magdalena Jagoda & Katarzyna Kokot, copyright
  • 174/27072
    Studio Weave, copyright.
    Team: Je Ahn, Maria Smith, Maddie Kessler & Rosie Hervey
  • 226/66520
    Panni Bodonyi, Sandor Guba & Peter Hamori, copyright

Nominations and further information is available in the Jury Report. A video from the presentation is available here.

Thank you to all entries

All participants have now received an e-mail describing Odense City Museums delight in receiving so many inspiring entries to the ideas competion for a future Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales in Odense. Unfortunately we have not been able to contact all entries. All winners and purchases have, however, received an e-mail. So if you are missing any information on the result of the ideas competion, we have to inform you that you are not among the winners or the purchases.

Release of the prize winners

Hans Christian Andersens birthday on April 2 is celebrated every year in Odense. The main event this year will be the release of the prize winners of the ideas competition and the following exhibition of the many entries. The event takes place at Odense City Hall on Wednesday April 2 and the exhibition will run through April 15.


hcandersen_SHFew authors have been able to do what Hans Christian Andersen did: write so simply and profoundly that we are still enthralled. His eternally pertinent stories appeal to people all over the world and are read by children and adults alike.

However, the treasure trove of fairytales needs a physical setting that matches the poetry. Odense City Museums and the City of Odense have therefore launched this open ideas competition funded by the Realdania Foundation to create a unique place where fantasy and reality come together, where the past meets the present, and where the indoors and the outdoors merge into one: a magical house of fairytales and a fairytale garden.